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Do you work with children? We have you covered with notes and treatment plans.


This guide inspires you when meeting with child and adolescent clients, developing treatment plans, and writing therapy notes. They do not replace client interactions but should enhance them with these real-life examples. Each section provides a case study that outlines the client's presenting problem. There are multiple examples of a presenting problem like Major Depressive Disorder. The goal is to offer various ways this mental health issue presents itself in children. The next part of the case study is treatment planning, where we outline the best intervention approach for the client. This section is followed by a sample treatment plan with goals and objectives. Your practice may require a specific format, and we designed these treatment plans as a template with ideas applicable to the client in the case study and their presenting problem. The last section of the case study is a sample note that summarizes the therapist and client encounter. We hope you find this helpful and encouraging when treating clients!

Psychotherapy Notes and Treatment Planning for Children and Adolescents

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